Rap City In Da Nile (feat. Mr. Lif)

from by Ian Stewart & Jackson Whalan

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It's rhapsody in this rapture of rap city,
Jazz symphony movin' essential energy through this grid critically.
Cities vibrate with rapid activity,
Half-mast flags stainin' the collective memory.
We're stealthy in these streets.
Delivering a strategy, dark night bright with electricity,
No disguising an inevitable uprising,
As fog descends over the city, lights orange, smoke rising.
Percolate in the mind, taking action and perfect timing,
We've been sick of abiding and now the stars are aligning,
To devastate the powers keepin' us from shining.
Can't bury the extraordinary information we cary.

So we're teleportin' very carefully from a to b,
The jewels we hold ain't plain to see, a portal to a vacancy,
To all we can explain and see, an alternate modernity,
That doesn't pedal fear to me, the masses will adhere to these.
It's life without credit scores, endin' wars,
Death profiteers fear, wanna stop us right here,
But I move so illusive, gigawatt conducive,
If slaves can slip the nooses, the masters' whips are useless.

Check this vital data.
If we show you will you see? We dodgin' past the powers that be.
Smash the television pushin' oppressive imagery,
And locally we focus and synergize the community.
No one can hinder me, attempt to get rid of me,
Sentence me, but we been writing sentences since we began to see.
An abrupt abduction of our rights, and data vital to life,
Verbalize the light, Lif lift up the mic.

Check both of us sailin', wall scalin' with Whalan,
Inhallin' the day and, exhalin' the night,
Impalin' the plight, you can'tlimit my sight,
'Cause we see what was intended to be, then take flight.
We reach beyond worlds, where horizon curls,
Gently cradlin' the Earth's contours, where man's laws,
Fall short to somethin' greater. We're kings,
My four finger ring is the equator, we gift you this data.


from These Aren't The Words You're Looking For, track released June 15, 2017



all rights reserved


Ian Stewart Massachusetts

Ian Stewart is a Massachusetts based producer and performer of alternative electronic dance music. Despite a background in traditional house DJing, Ian has recently made the switch to a live PA style set, allowing him to mix and manipulate his all-original music with much greater flexibility than a two-turntable setup would allow. ... more

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