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I am a gemini, gems in my eyes,
Chillin' with my nebuli, lyricize and improvise.
Let this mercury alchemize.
Herkimer diamonds in these crystal mines,
Sun transmits astrological signs.
Communicate, spit lines in the hardest of times,
To be an artist is to read through the lines.
I am my own brother, two twins holdin' each other,
Changin' minds but we cope with each other,
Open each other up to new paradigms.
Speak the voice of all voices, paralyzed,
Because everybody needs to rise,
Like our ruling planets and the stars in the skies.
Polar opposites within me beyond this disguise,
Imagine and fantasize, about a world
Where no one is terrorized, by scary lies
That are always televised, instead we're harmonized.
Optimistic 'cause I optimize,
Propaganda occupies too many minds,
Just wanna turn back to simple times,
Like gemini archetype, sparkin' light, voice talkin' right.
Maneuver like parallel parkin' right,
Haters harpin' on my openness, cause I let my soul
Flow open and they're knowin' this.
It's biology mixed with astrology so you know the gist.
Contradictory information, multiplicity,
See me participating and creating epiphany,
Delivering my people, eliminate the misery,
Living in the mystery, messenger man consistently.
So many commitments, I'm still committing,
With no time for sitting restlessly or twiddling my thumbs
Nervously, I better be flying around gathering data busily
And transmit it back to you verbally.

Never the wiggity-wack, back and forth, forth and back,
Boom to the bap, spittin' fire, steadily torchin' raps all over the map,
Wherever I'm at, always adapt, showin' you where the moment's at,
Bringin' your focus back, show you the past, spittin' the dopest rap,
No controllin' that information, I'm holdin' that,
Tell the future like an almanac, I'm everything and all of that,
Spittin' bars, openin' tabs, drinkin' rhymes, up for grabs,
Listenin' to funk and jazz, diversity is what I have.
Time and time again I rhyme again, for minds of men,
Providing like a vital vitamin so you can feel alive again,
Arrive again from the duality I'm hiding in,
When I look inside again, this golden chariot I'm riding in.
Oxygen providing there for thoughts that have insight again,
And sittin' down and write again thunder and lightening,
Enlightening, fruitful thoughts ripening, and heightening,
Calling you into an odyssey, I know you hear the sirens.


from These Aren't The Words You're Looking For, releases August 25, 2017



all rights reserved


Ian Stewart Massachusetts

Ian Stewart is a Massachusetts based producer and performer of alternative electronic dance music. Despite a background in traditional house DJing, Ian has recently made the switch to a live PA style set, allowing him to mix and manipulate his all-original music with much greater flexibility than a two-turntable setup would allow. ... more

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