These Aren't The Words You're Looking For

by Ian Stewart & Jackson Whalan

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    releases August 25, 2017

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Prime Eights (feat. Jules Jenssen)
Self Own
Dodd's Gamut
Dragon Drop
Dough Nation


"These Aren't The Words You're Looking For" is a collaborative endeavor from myself, Ian Stewart, and longtime friend Jackson Whalan, and is the culmination of over five years of work.

It is an exploration of my love of hip-hop, jazz, synthesis, wordplay, and very tangentially, Star Wars. Initially the wordplay was only expressed in the song titles, as this project started its life as a purely instrumental experiment. As soon as Jackson signed on, it became clear that his lyricism would take the wordplay element to an entirely new level, and even inspire me to try my hand at my own lyric contributions.

We're excited to finally share these songs with you, and can't wait to hear what interpretations you take away once you read between the lines.

One final note: we're thrilled to have the insanely talented Ned Ivory developing the artwork for the album. Keep an eye on it with each subsequent single release to see it evolve from its current state as a pencil sketch, through to a finished cover.


releases August 25, 2017

All tracks written and performed by Ian Stewart and Jackson Whalan except:
- Track 1 written and performed by Ian Stewart, Jackson Whalan, and Brian Ross.
- Track 2, written and performed by Ian Stewart, Jackson Whalan, and J. Haynes for Virtua Stab Publishing (SESAC).
- Track 4 written and performed by Ian Stewart, Jackson Whalan, and Jules Jenssen.

Recorded by Ian Stewart at Flotown Studio and Jackson Whalan at Substation Studio.

Mixed by Ian Stewart at Flotown Studio.

Mastered by Adam Ayan at Gateway Mastering, Portland, Maine.



all rights reserved


Ian Stewart Massachusetts

Ian Stewart is a Massachusetts based producer and performer of alternative electronic dance music. Despite a background in traditional house DJing, Ian has recently made the switch to a live PA style set, allowing him to mix and manipulate his all-original music with much greater flexibility than a two-turntable setup would allow. ... more

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Track Name: Rap Id (feat. Brian Ross)
Runnin' rampant like a rapid lion,
Fierce and untamed, these other rappers are cryin'
I'm an animal in the game and you're just bad at tryin'
Runnin' away, up in the trees you're climbin'.
Seekin' and finding all these emcees hidin',
Roarin' through desert floors under sun shining,
Finding my prey, always know the time of day,
You're a gazelle in the distance, catch you right away.
Keep on your feet or become a treat,
Runnin' to a beat that you just can't beat,
King of the jungle like scar is my uncle,
On top of a cliff and I'm watchin' rocks tumble.
Yeah, my food chain always stays humble,
I'm with my lion kings and we're all up in a huddle,
Ready for a scuffle, it's a wild hustle,
But yo, where's my lioness, I really need a nuzzle.

I'm a lion when I rap, it's my ego bubble.
What's up you wanna tussle, that makes me chuckle.
Stompin' around with my big chompers,
Duckin' all the hunters try to get me clobbered,
Drinkin in the river with timon and pumba,
Lookin at hippos when I'm ready for supper.
Time is just a number, I'm a rhyme crusher,
Don't get in my zone or I might just have to buffer.
Fresh meat in our habitat retreat,
Alpha of the land no other cats compete,
Or am I just a white rapper writin' nice words,
Lookin outa place like lions on icebergs,
But whatever I do is relevant and important,
Chasin elephants just to release endorphins,
Catchin these meals and splittin up the portions,
Yeah I dare you to come where my territory is.
Track Name: Rap City In Da Nile (feat. Mr. Lif)
It's rhapsody in this rapture of rap city,
Jazz symphony movin' essential energy through this grid critically.
Cities vibrate with rapid activity,
Half-mast flags stainin' the collective memory.
We're stealthy in these streets.
Delivering a strategy, dark night bright with electricity,
No disguising an inevitable uprising,
As fog descends over the city, lights orange, smoke rising.
Percolate in the mind, taking action and perfect timing,
We've been sick of abiding and now the stars are aligning,
To devastate the powers keepin' us from shining.
Can't bury the extraordinary information we cary.

So we're teleportin' very carefully from a to b,
The jewels we hold ain't plain to see, a portal to a vacancy,
To all we can explain and see, an alternate modernity,
That doesn't pedal fear to me, the masses will adhere to these.
It's life without credit scores, endin' wars,
Death profiteers fear, wanna stop us right here,
But I move so illusive, gigawatt conducive,
If slaves can slip the nooses, the masters' whips are useless.

Check this vital data.
If we show you will you see? We dodgin' past the powers that be.
Smash the television pushin' oppressive imagery,
And locally we focus and synergize the community.
No one can hinder me, attempt to get rid of me,
Sentence me, but we been writing sentences since we began to see.
An abrupt abduction of our rights, and data vital to life,
Verbalize the light, Lif lift up the mic.

Check both of us sailin', wall scalin' with Whalan,
Inhallin' the day and, exhalin' the night,
Impalin' the plight, you can'tlimit my sight,
'Cause we see what was intended to be, then take flight.
We reach beyond worlds, where horizon curls,
Gently cradlin' the Earth's contours, where man's laws,
Fall short to somethin' greater. We're kings,
My four finger ring is the equator, we gift you this data.
Track Name: Gem In Eye
I am a gemini, gems in my eyes,
Chillin' with my nebuli, lyricize and improvise.
Let this mercury alchemize.
Herkimer diamonds in these crystal mines,
Sun transmits astrological signs.
Communicate, spit lines in the hardest of times,
To be an artist is to read through the lines.
I am my own brother, two twins holdin' each other,
Changin' minds but we cope with each other,
Open each other up to new paradigms.
Speak the voice of all voices, paralyzed,
Because everybody needs to rise,
Like our ruling planets and the stars in the skies.
Polar opposites within me beyond this disguise,
Imagine and fantasize, about a world
Where no one is terrorized, by scary lies
That are always televised, instead we're harmonized.
Optimistic 'cause I optimize,
Propaganda occupies too many minds,
Just wanna turn back to simple times,
Like gemini archetype, sparkin' light, voice talkin' right.
Maneuver like parallel parkin' right,
Haters harpin' on my openness, cause I let my soul
Flow open and they're knowin' this.
It's biology mixed with astrology so you know the gist.
Contradictory information, multiplicity,
See me participating and creating epiphany,
Delivering my people, eliminate the misery,
Living in the mystery, messenger man consistently.
So many commitments, I'm still committing,
With no time for sitting restlessly or twiddling my thumbs
Nervously, I better be flying around gathering data busily
And transmit it back to you verbally.

Never the wiggity-wack, back and forth, forth and back,
Boom to the bap, spittin' fire, steadily torchin' raps all over the map,
Wherever I'm at, always adapt, showin' you where the moment's at,
Bringin' your focus back, show you the past, spittin' the dopest rap,
No controllin' that information, I'm holdin' that,
Tell the future like an almanac, I'm everything and all of that,
Spittin' bars, openin' tabs, drinkin' rhymes, up for grabs,
Listenin' to funk and jazz, diversity is what I have.
Time and time again I rhyme again, for minds of men,
Providing like a vital vitamin so you can feel alive again,
Arrive again from the duality I'm hiding in,
When I look inside again, this golden chariot I'm riding in.
Oxygen providing there for thoughts that have insight again,
And sittin' down and write again thunder and lightening,
Enlightening, fruitful thoughts ripening, and heightening,
Calling you into an odyssey, I know you hear the sirens.